UPDATED 31st January 2018

MTR Restorations are now settled in our new larger workshop. More customers are investing in their vehicles and taking the long term view to keep and enjoy their vehicles for years to come.


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The recent weather has been bad but not as bad as 1963.

MTR RESTORATION is based in the small village of Chagford on the northern edge of Dartmoor but just 5 miles from the main A30. All aspects of restoration is carried out on mainly Morris Minors but work is and has been carried out on other BMC vehicle including Morris J Type vans, Riley 1.5 and similar vehicles


To contact MTR Restorations call 07778 690783

Misfiring Moggy.

A customer brought in her well used Morris Minor saloon. An everyday vehicle the engine of which has done in excess of 170,000 miles.
The car came in to the workshop with a misfire, carrying out a compression test showed number 3 cylinder low. I removed the cylinder head, all the valves looked ok but top of piston 3 has had some thing hitting it. 
I removed number 3 inlet valve which came out as picture with guide attached which had started to break up and cause the damage to the top of the piston. I have not seen this before.
A replacement second hand cylinder head was fitted to get the customer back on the road PDQ. The fitting of an un-leaded cylinder head was recommended but also the high milage of the rest of the engine will have to be taken into consideration. The customer at least is back on the road and has time to make a decision.

A picture of the valve/valve guide removed from my customers car.

2 Door saloon repairs.

Sorry about my lack of recent restoration "postings" simply due to being very busy in our workshop.
This 2 door saloon came in the other week after quoting for much needed repairs in many areas a stage method of work was sorted out and the saloon will be back shortly for the remained of the work to be carried out.
The rusty near side door bottom, all had to be cut out and replaced with new metal.

The same door half repaired.

The new metal repair panel fitted.

The new door bottom in place.

The near side "A" post needs urgent attention, with this much of the "A" post missing at the bottom it was impossible to fit the repaired door correctly. The weakened post was flexing too much. 

All new metal fitted.

After repairs to both doors both "A" posts and front wings we turned to the rest of the body work.  On rubbing down filler from a previous repair was found and had to be rectified.

Repaired front wing, dents lightly filled.

Anti rust treatment applied to the bare metal.

On rubbing down the boot lid further work was need. After repairs the bare metal gets rust proofed.

Looking so much better, still work to do when it comes back next month.

A new set of number plates would also tidy up the car, maybe the owner has them on their shopping list.

Massive Pick-up repairs.

A major job on this tatty pick-up, one of those projects that looks alright but one you start many horrors are revealed.

Repairs to Inner wing, Hinge pillar and replacement N/S door.

This Traveller had a badly corroded n/s hinge pillar, inner wing and door. A new inner wing and hinge pillar have been welded in, a replacement n/s door fitted and the n/s front wing repaired and refitted. Wing and door repainted.

Early Morris Minor van rear cross member repair.

Early Morris Minor van rear cross member repair.
Jan 2011, very early van repair.

Morris van gutter repairs.

Morris van gutter repairs.
Click picture for more pictures. Up dated 22-11-2010. Further pictures added 5/Jan 2011

Inner wing and "A" post repair.

Inner wing and "A" post repair.
Jan 2012, click for more pictures.

Saloon boot lid and door bottoms.

Saloon boot lid and door bottoms.
Click picture for more pictures.

Van rear door repair.

Van rear door repair.
Rusty bottom replaced. Click for more pictures.

Accident screen repairs. November 2010.

Accident screen repairs. November 2010.
Repairing previously repaired accident damage windscreen lip and edge. Click picture for further pictures.

Morris Van cab gutter repairs.

Morris Van cab gutter repairs.
Click picture for further details. December 2010.

Engine replacement.

Engine replacement.
And front brake converted to discs. Click picture for further details.

Misfire Moggy

Misfire Moggy
Strange fault.